Abex Servo Valves
Abex Servo Valves

Abex Servo Valves

Abex Hydraulics Servo Valves


Established in 1988, with a current paid-up capital of 50,000,000 THB, a one stop logistic distribution center of total 13,200 sq.meters of usable area, together with 7 Parker Store situated in Thailand, Abex Hydraulics & Engineering Co., Ltd is currently one of the biggest stockist/distributor of construction, marine, oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial components in ASEAN.

In addition to having a large stock pile, Abex Hydraulics & Engineering Co., Ltd, as an official distributor in Thailand for major hydraulic brands including Parker Hannifin, Stauff, MHA, WIKA, Larzep and other brands.

As of 2011, Abex Hydraulics & Engineering Co., LTD is able to deliver 90% of enquires through ex-stock from their warehouse.


We can repair your Abex Servo Valves with sensitive mastership.


Models of Abex Servo Valves we mostly take care of:


Abex 410 Servo Valves

Abex 415 Servo Valves

Abex 425 Servo Valves

Abex 450 Servo Valves


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