About Us

About Us

Servo Valve Sales & Repair

We are assertive about servo valve service, servo valve repair and servo valve upgrade.

We studiously repair your servo valves with lower prices and we do it faster than your expectations!

During servo valve repair, the servo valves are brought to a state to reflect to its original performance, or if you want more your servo valve could be upgraded to higher specifications.

All repaired servo valves are covered by a twelve month * full warranty. (All parts are fully guaranteed as part of our repair warranty).

We provide fast & cost-effective service, repair, rebuild, and modify for servo valves.

Servo Valve Repair and Service Process:

  • Servo valve is completely disassembled.
  • Magnets are demagnetized.
  • All components are ultrasonically cleaned and microscopically examined.
  • Servo valves are reassembled in clean air conditions after repair.
  • Servo valves are tested in accordance with ISO 10770-1: 2009.
  • Flow Chart and Technical test data are shared with each Servo valve.

All the details on repairing your servo valve:

All servo valves that are serviced or repaired have a 12-month * warranty.

Please follow the procedure below in order to send your servo valve for service or repair:

• Please make sure your servo valve is packed securely to avoid damage during shipping, and if you have a blanking plate, remember to fix it on the valve to prevent oil leakage.

• Please send us the completed copy of the form below (Servo Valve Repair Dispatch Form) with your valve.

• Standard service or repair checks will usually be carried out free of charge within 2 to 3 business days. (If you need a priority service, please call us! We will do everything we can for our customers)

• At the end of the checks, a quotation and service report will be sent to you by e-mail, detailing any error, malfunction, advice, correction work, additional cost items, delivery time and service price.

• If you want to continue service or repair, please send us a formal confirmation to continue working.

• Service and repairs are usually completed within 1 to 2 weeks ** of your approval.

• All servo valves repaired are delivered with a flow chart and have a 1-year warranty as standard.

• Transportation charges will be quotated separately.

Servo Valve Brands We Sell:

Atos Servo Valve

Bosch Rexroth Servo Valve

Continental Servo Valve

Domin Servo Valve

Duplomatic Servo Valve

Eaton Servo Valve

EMG Servo Valve

Moog Servo Valve

Oilgear Servo Valve

Parker Servo Valve

Schneider Servo Valve

Star Hydraulics Servo Valve

Ultra Servo Valve

Yuken Servo Valve


Servo Valve Brands We Repair/Rebuild/Modify:

Abex Servo Valve Repairment

Atos Servo Valve Repairment

Bosch Rexroth Servo Valve Repairment

Continental Servo Valve Repairment

Denison Hydraulics Servo Valve Repairment

Domin Servo Valve Repairment

Dowty Servo Valve Repairment

Duplomatic Servo Valve Repairment

Dynamic Dyval Servo Valve Repairment

Eaton Servo Valve Repairment

EMG Servo Valve Repairment

Herion Servo Valve Repairment

Instron Servo Valve Repairment

Matisa Servo Valve Repairment

Moog Servo Valve Repairment

Mts Servo Valve Repairment

Oilgear Servo Valve Repairment

Parker Servo Valve Repairment

Pegasus Servo Valve Repairment

Plasser Servo Valve Repairment

Schneider Servo Valve Repairment

Sopelem Servo Valve Repairment

Star Hydraulics Servo Valve Repairment

TSS Servo Valve Repairment

Ultra Servo Valve Repairment

Yuken Servo Valve Repairment


Servo Valves Sales & Repair


As Servovalves.co.uk, we sell and repair high quality Hydraulic Servo Valves and auxiliary equipment used in a wide variety of industries.


Why WE are the best option for you to work with?  Because:



  • We have years of experience in Electrohydraulic Servo Valve industry.


Practical Suggestions

  • We can choose the most logical Servo Valve for your project.



  • Our company led by engineers. Thus, we can understand your needs properly.


Customer Satisfaction

  • Making our partners pleased is our first aim.


24h Technical Service

  • We understand how serious is a stopped production, that's why we offer 24-hour troubleshooting assistance.


Worldwide Shipping

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re in the North Pole or Australia.


Rush Delivery

  • We claim that we are fast.


Rush Repair

  • Sudden issues request rapid solutions. ServoValves provides rush sales and repairs without additional charges.


You are Special

  • We definitely fulfill your special requirements at any situation.


12-Month Warranty

  • All of our products come with 18-month warranty of perfect working condition.



  • All of our models of valves currently in stock.




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